Mobile App Development


Why Mobile App?

The introduction of smartphones has given a new era of user experience. Now the smartphone users try to do everything using their device. This has lead to Mobile App development, where hundreds of app being developed every day.

Use of Mobile App in Business:

User Experience:
As we all know a Mobile App gives an excellent user experience when compared to a website. An Enriched, extremeely meritorious content always gives a big difference between an information given by app and other web sources. User feels that an app gives 100% focus to what he is looking for, this drives users towards app.

Drive in More Bussiness:
Building an app for your service or product, will make your customers think that your business has a standard service for them. This would make customers to focus more into your business. Here you make a very close communication with your customer and give all he needs, about the service or product. Any updates to the  business can easily reach your customers, who can be specifically targeted according to the product/service used.


+ Big cut down of marketing cost.
+ Close Communication with Customer
+ Make them focus more in to your business.
+ New updates easily done, about the product/service.
+ Target the right audience.
+ Making sure that you are with latest technology.
+ Easy to access, explore about the products.
+ Complaints / Cusomter Care all in one touch..
+ Making cutomers more secured.
+ Following international standards.


Types of Apps:

Native App: These are apps which are available in the stores and build to work in the relevant platforms. The advantage of this app is , it would be incredibly fast and can use all the elements in the device.

Hybrid App: A hybrid app is a combination of Native app and Web applications. This model app is cost effective when compared to native app. The functionality derives some facets from native app or web , according to the requirement.

Web App: These are applications which run on a browser, with the feel of a native app, written on HTML5. But it cannot make use of all the elements in the device.



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